Is Your Bad Breath Telling You Something?

Bad breath upon waking is usually normal and the result of a drying out of the mouth during sleep. In most cases, brushing and flossing in the morning will restore normal conditions in the mouth and resolve “morning breath”.

Halitosis that lingers or is unnoticed by the patient may indicate an underlying health issue that should be addressed by Dr. William Harper, a Poquoson cosmetic and family dentist. Frequently, a thorough dental cleaning in Dr. Harper’s Poquoson dental office can remove plaque build up that can allow bacteria in the mouth to multiply and cause consistent bad breath. Regular preventive care visits can help maintain optimal oral health and fresh breath!

Patients may notice lingering bad breath if they have a virus or throat infection: strep throat can often cause a distinct breath odor that will go away after treatment with an antibiotic. Halitosis can also occur as a result of certain medications that can cause a condition called dry mouth. Cigarette smoking and mouth breathing can also cause consistent bad breath.

However, there are situations when consistent bad breath can indicate an underlying general health problem. Gum disease, especially if it has been untreated for some time, can cause halitosis due to the decay of healthy gum tissue and the presence of high levels of bacteria in the mouth. Dr. Harper can diagnose and treat gum disease, restoring a patient’s oral health and resolving halitosis.

Halitosis, especially when it is unnoticed by the patient, can be an indicator of more serious health issues such as diabetes and kidney and liver disease. During a preventive care examination, Dr. Harper can detect halitosis and if necessary, refer a patient to his regular physician for a diagnosis.

If you are concerned about consistent bad breath, discuss it with Dr. Harper at your next preventive care visit: your oral health is an important part of overall good health and well being!