Invisalign is for patients of all ages

Crooked teeth can often be more than a cosmetic issue: they can often be the cause of dental health issues that can become worse over time.

Crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay problems due to the difficulty in reaching all surfaces if there is overlap because of misalignment. They can also be part of a TMJ problem where the bite is out of balance, leading to more complex issues over time from teeth grinding and misaligned biting surfaces: teeth may become damaged from being stressed in the wrong places.

Dr. Harper, a Newport News Invisalign provider often recommends Invisalign treatment for adult patients with dental health problems due to crooked teeth. With Invisalign, adult patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems can be treated “invisibly”! No one has to know that that they are wearing braces when using these clear retainers that slowly straighten the teeth in about a year.

While young patients also appreciate the benefits of Invisalign, adult patients can fix cosmetic issues and also improve their dental health with Invisalign, supporting good oral health for the long run. Straightening teeth not only enhances the natural smile, it restores dental health by bringing balancing to the bite.

Do you have questions about Invisalign or wonder what treatment could do for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Harper and discuss your personal goals and dental health concerns.