Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Are implants a good option to replace teeth?

dental implants hampton roads vaYES, dental implants are a great option to replace missing teeth, but only if planned, placed, and restored using careful techniques.

Implants have been available in the US for decades yet the field of implant dentistry continues to rapidly evolve. New information, new techniques, and in many cases, re-adopting older techniques give us a lot of excitement about the future of replacing teeth.

BUT… you should know that many details need to be in order for a high implant success rate. There are many situations in which implants should be planned, placed, and /or restored in a different way. How do I know? My team is frequently referred implant cases that were not successful, so I see firsthand how cutting corners can lead to very unfortunate and expensive fixes. Thankfully, by recreating the correct plan, we are able to greatly help these patients.

Many times it is not the fault of the dentist, and instead it is an innocent lack of advanced knowledge. Every dentist with a license can legally work with implants, but unfortunately, there is very little training in dental school about implants. So to be successful with implants, the dentist must actively and continuously pursue the highest educational opportunities.

Benefits of Expertise and Experience

I am proud to be a member of the Advanced Dental Implant Study Club, a group of 20 specialists from across the country. We meet at least twice a year to discuss the newest information about dental implants and present and discuss our own cases. It is the absolute best way to capture information about implant situations from 20 different sources of knowledge. Our group is led by Robert Faulkner DDS, who co-authored the go-to textbook used as the cornerstone for implant education in many specialty training programs.

I also have the honor of being awarded membership into the Academy of Osseointegration, whose mission is to enhance oral health globally by advancing the science, practice and ethics of implant dentistry and tissue engineering.
Our Harper Dental Care office is proud to work closely with many implant companies including Nobel Biocare, 3i Biomet, and Keystone. We use our in-house Education Center to bring speakers and Study Clubs to Poquoson. We are proud to be working closely with our team to bring All-on-Four and Dentures In A Day to residents of the Peninsula, Hampton Roads, and Tidewater areas of Virginia.

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