Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments requested today is teeth whitening. Perfect for restoring a more youthful looking smile, teeth whitening is the most economical way to make over your smile for that upcoming reunion, wedding or special event.

Dr. William Harper in Newport News, VA offers professional teeth whitening that will provide superior results without causing damage or irritation to the teeth or gum tissues. We understand that you have many readily available over the counter options at the local drugstore, but would like to mention the benefits of having your dentist whiten your teeth.

First, before providing a teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Harper in our Newport News, VA dentist office will evaluate your dental health. It is important to ensure that the teeth and gums are clean and healthy before using a bleaching product to avoid creating additional problems. It is also important to discuss your medical history and lifestyle habits to establish the cause of your darkened or stained teeth. In most cases, aging and daily dietary habits lead to common teeth stains that can be effectively treated with professional teeth whitening.

However, there are tooth stains that are the result of genetics, certain medications or medical conditions that do not respond to a teeth whitening treatment. For patients with these types of tooth stains, we can offer a range of treatment alternatives that will provide lasting results- and may improve dental health. These options can include, dental veneers, dental crowns and cosmetic tooth bonding.

Second, our professional whitening treatments are designed to whiten the teeth while minimizing sensitivity. Dr. Harper will choose the teeth whitening solution that is best suited to your dental health and goals. Depending on your personal cosmetic goals and the severity of your tooth stains or discoloration, we will offer individualized treatment recommendations for the best possible results.

Ready to freshen up your smile? Schedule a visit with Dr. Harper at our Newport News, VA dentist office and learn more about how we can help you achieve the smile you desire- with personalized care and results.