Maintain your best oral health

Many people invest significant time and money into building healthy and beautiful smiles for themselves and their families. It is important to maintain these beautiful smiles with quality dental care products and oral hygiene. Poquoson dentist Dr. William Harper recommends brushing, flossing and swishing with products that have the ADA seal.

With so many oral hygiene products available, it helps to know what to look for before going to the store. Look over this ADA shopping list of products that have the ADA approval for effective and safe dental hygiene. Comparing products before hitting the store can help you feel confident that you are proactively protecting your family’s oral health.

What Does The ADA Seal Mean?

When you purchase a product with the ADA seal you are investing in the maintenance of your oral health. To earn the ADA seal, companies are required to adhere to strict guidelines. The ADA guidelines for safety and effectiveness are more rigorous than those required by law. Not all oral hygiene products are as effective as they claim, the ADA seal helps you weed out those imposters.

The ADA requires products to undergo scientific testing for effectiveness. The ADA expects products to, “say what they do, and do what they say.” The ADA seal is not an endorsement. It is a not for profit seal that is used to inform consumers that the product was able to pass its high standards.

Family Dentist Dr. Harper recommends patients keep up on their oral health with a routine at home oral hygiene regimen supplemented with frequent visits to his Poquoson dentist office. Professional dental cleanings can reach plaque and tartar build up that flossing and brushing can not reach. Twice daily brushing and flossing with ADA products, in combination with professional dental cleanings, have shown to reduce the chance of developing complex dental health concerns.