Toothaches: Causes and Solutions

If you have chronic toothaches or sudden, sharp tooth pain, contact Dr. William Harper for treatment in Newport News, VA. Although toothaches are a common dental problem, they can sometimes lead to tooth decay, tooth damage, and even missing permanent teeth. Please make an appointment in our office if you experience any changes in your oral health. Dr. Harper helps patients find the causes of their dental problems so he can provide them with the right solution for their needs.

Treat Tooth Pain in Newport News, Virginia

Common Tooth Pain Causes and Treatments

Some of the most common causes and solutions for tooth sensitivity and pain include:

Tooth Wear and Injuries

Dental erosion or chips and cracks in the tooth enamel can cause pain and sensitivity. Tooth erosion is often caused by wear over time. Acid reflux as well as foods that are highly acidic can wear the tooth enamel. As a result, patients can experience more sensitivity. Dental injuries and wear also expose the underlayer beneath the tooth enamel, which is called dentin. Additionally, injuries can create an unbalanced bite that puts more pressure on some teeth than others. Dr. Harper will often recommend veneers, tooth bonding, or dental crowns to cover and protect the teeth.

Gum or Tooth Infections

Gum disease and cavities can cause patients gum and tooth pain. Gum and dental infections are caused by harmful bacteria that irritate the gums and wear down the tooth enamel. Along with other symptoms including bad breath, gum recession, and cavities, many patients experience pain and sensitivity. We offer deep cleaning services to reverse painful symptoms of periodontitis and tooth decay. If needed, we will recommend root canal treatment and dental fillings to save decayed teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

If you have tooth pain or aches in the back of your mouth, it may be your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to emerge. Known as the “third molars”, wisdom teeth erupt behind the back molars. For many patients, wisdom teeth cause pain when they come in. Oftentimes, there is not enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to emerge, which means they are impacted. Removing these teeth also alleviates our patient’s tooth pain.

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorders often occur when there is stress to the joints that aid in eating and speaking. These joints connect the jawbone and the skull. TMJ disorders can lead to teeth clenching and grinding, jaw pain, chronic headaches, and tooth pain. Nightguards keep pressure off of the teeth and prevent further tooth wear. Wearing a customized nightguard also alleviates tooth pain and sensitivity.

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Please let Dr. Harper and his team know if you feel sudden tooth pain or sensitivity. You can also let us know if you have other symptoms that accompany your tooth pain. This helps us find the root cause of your pain so we can provide you with the right treatment. Schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Harper online or call 757.414.7227 if you are a new patient. Current patients can call 757.868.8152