Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

Do you have one or more permanent lost teeth? It’s important to restore gaps left in your smile. Missing teeth can eventually lead to bite problems, tooth decay, and self-confidence issues. Our dental office helps patients replace missing teeth in Newport News, VA, to prevent further dental health and aesthetic problems. Restoring permanently lost teeth improves the appearance of the smile, patient confidence, and oral health.

Replace Missing Teeth in Newport News, Virginia

Missing Teeth Problems in Newport News, VA

There are multiple dental problems patients can develop as a result of missing permanent teeth:

Bite Problems

Gaps in the smile can create bite problems. Many patients with multiple missing teeth especially may find it painful to bite and chew because they have an uneven smile. Patients can also develop problems like TMD if they have increased pressure on remaining natural teeth.

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) occur when an injury to or stress occurs on the joints connecting the skull and jaw bone. Patients with missing teeth and TMD can experience orofacial pain, teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism), chronic headaches, and difficulty eating hard or crunchy foods.

Lost teeth can also lead to facial sagging. Patients who no longer have structural support from natural teeth can lose bone tissue. Increased bone loss can change the face shape and lead to sagging.

Infection and Decay

Tooth gaps left by missing teeth can collect harmful bacteria without dental restoration. Over time, the remaining natural teeth may shift to fill the missing tooth gap. These shifting teeth can overcrowd, making them difficult to clean. Harmful bacteria can build up between teeth, contributing to gum disease and tooth decay.

Patients who have a dental infection can experience toothaches and tooth sensitivity. Over time, a bacterial infection can create holes in the enamel or dental cavities. Additionally, patients who develop gum disease experience gum inflammation, bleeding gums, and even gum recession. Replacing lost teeth can help prevent crooked teeth and the possibility of infection.


Many patients missing one or more permanent teeth may avoid laughing or smiling. Oftentimes, patients may cover their smiles because they do not want to show their missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth with durable restorations like dental implants and implant restorations makes it easier to speak and eat and enhances the smile.

Do you need to replace missing teeth? Request a dental appointment with Dr. William Harper. You can also call 757.414.7227. It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent further oral health issues. Let our team know if you have any questions about your current concerns, and they can help.