What to Know Before Getting Veneers

Dental veneers are shell-like treatments made of porcelain materials that we place on the front of the enamel. Many patients choose veneers to cover discolored, misshapen, or crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers in our Hampton Roads, VA, dental office can create brighter, more aligned smiles. Veneers are great cosmetic treatments for patients who want to address minor imperfections in one or more teeth in the smile line. But before you choose your cosmetic treatment, there are multiple things to remember. We will review the different aspects of veneer treatment patients must keep in mind before committing to treatment.

What to Know Before Getting Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Hampton Roads, VA

There are several aspects about veneers that you should know before considering cosmetic dental treatment:

You Cannot Remove Veneers

While veneers may be removed by a professional, they are meant to stay on the teeth for years. Veneers are permanent in that patients need to cover their teeth after they receive treatment. We require tooth preparation to ensure that the veneers do not look or feel bulky. During this preparation, we etch into the tooth enamel. Removing a layer of the enamel will change the tooth’s appearance, and patients must be committed to covering their teeth with veneers or another cosmetic or restorative treatment. Patients who are committed to this change will benefit from years of brighter, straighter smiles with veneers.

Veneers Address Cosmetic Problems

We will not recommend veneers for patients with extensive restorative needs, like tooth decay, damage, or major tooth misalignment. Instead, we recommend dental veneers for patients with deep tooth stains that will not react to professional whitening treatment or slight misalignment. These minor cosmetic issues can receive the right care with lasting, natural-looking veneers.

You Cannot Whiten Veneers

You cannot whiten veneer materials like other cosmetic treatments because they use porcelain. However, veneers are meant to help brighten teeth because they are made of tooth-colored, natural-looking materials. Dental veneers can be a great option for patients with intrinsic stains, meaning they have stains within their teeth that do not react to whitening treatment. Veneers can create brighter, whiter teeth.

You Can Easily Clean Veneers

Dental veneers require cleaning. Once you receive your veneers, you can clean them like natural teeth. Gently brushing veneers with a soft-bristled brush and flossing between each veneer will prevent bacterial buildup and staining. Like any other restoration or cosmetic treatment, veneers can be prone to damage, so patients must refrain from eating hard or crunchy foods directly after receiving them. After several days, patients can begin to incorporate those foods into their diet.

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