Smile Stories Hampton Roads, VA


“I have been a patient for almost 20 years. The level of professionalism, compassion and knowledgeable is exceptional. It is a state of the art practice with a family atmosphere. They are very welcoming as soon as you step through the door. ”


“Upon my arrival I was taken right in for my teeth cleaning. I sat down in the dental chair at my 1:15 pm appointment time. My dental tech was very friendly and cordial. She answered all my questions concerning my dental care. She did an excellent job. ”


“I have been coming to this dental office for over 20 years. Everyone has always been very professional and informative about my personal dental care. Most important of all is the feeling of “family” at each appointment whether it is an annual checkup or a more intense dental work-up. Thank you all for all you do to help me keep up good dental care. ”


“Just moved to the area and was so relieved to have found such a great dental office! Very welcoming, clean, friendly atmosphere. Dr. Harper takes time with his patients and listens to all concerns and questions. Great friendly staff as well! ”


“The entire staff is highly professional and makes me feel comfortable throughout my entire visit. I receive good advice on dental care including how diet, exercise, and daily dental practices affect my overall health.”


“Our family has received excellent dental care from Dr. Harper and his awesome staff for over 8 years now. Dr. Harper is proactive in his approach to care, and is great at forward-looking assessments and treatment to head-off future problems based upon current dental conditions. His practice was recommended to us by another patient and close friend who is from Hampton, and whose family also still rely on Dr. Harper and staff for their dental care. We are very happy with the highly skilled, professional, and courteous care we get at Harper Dental, and we would highly recommend them to others (and we have).”


“Cathy, the hygienist did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and explaining what I needed to do to maintain my teeth in good health. Also the receptionist was very thorough and courteous. As with all my visits, Dr. Harper’s examination was thorough and very informative regarding the state of my dental care.”


“I went in for a second opinion on some dental work that my regular dentist wanted me to have done. Dr. Harper explained his opinion to me, it was very clear and informative. His advice really helped me out on making my decision. I really enjoyed my experience here and would recommend anybody to take their entire family to Dr. Harper’s office!!!”


“As always my dental visit was the usual pleasant experience. But what strikes me time after time is the staff is very professional with an added personal touch that always makes you comfortable. Their knowledge of current dental information is always shared at your visit and it’s a pleasure to know they provide excellent dental care. Lastly the news letters, and visit reminders via email and text are great.”


“Everyone was friendly and willing to explain everything that was accomplished. Rachel was even able to get me in for a cleaning last minute! I also appreciate the patience that was shown toward my son being in the rooms with me. Thanks again and I’ve already referred you to a friend.”


“I have been a patient here for over 30 years. The staff has always been personable and friendly. My questions are always answered and I never feel that I am being rushed out the door. Dr. Harper seems to stay on top of current advances in dentistry which I feel is very important.”


“5 STAR Rating When I arrived everyone was cordial and professional. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Harper’s Dental Office.”


Danielle wanted to improve her smile following orthodontics. Her teeth were now properly aligned, but she wanted to create a more harmonious smile. Danielle had very small teeth with irregular shape. Chair-side resin veneers were used to create a more esthetically pleasing size and shape, and to fill the undesirable space that orthodontics could not correct. Danielle was able to graduate from high school with a fresh smile and increased confidence in her appearance.


“I started working with Dr. Harper and his team about three years ago. Back then it had been over five years since I had been to a dentist. I had been extremely self conscious about my lack of dental care but I was terrified to go to the dentist. In 47 years I had several teeth extracted and the color was extremely bad. This was due in part to a misalignment of my jaw causing me to break teeth, decay and reluctance to get proper dental care. I was ashamed to smile and was resolved that someday I would need dentures. A good friend of mind recommended Dr. Harper. After Dr. Harper reviewed my case and while working with his team and a team of other specialist’s, three concise plans were presented. After consulting with him and careful review of all the options I selected the most difficult option, one that would try to save what I had and restore a smile that I always dreamed of, this was not going to be an easy task for both of us. Dr. Harper is a “big picture” person when it comes to his patient’s needs and desires. He always takes the time to explain every detail and pros as well as the cons to all the procedures and outcomes. After much effort had been made on his part, I will never forget the first time I was able to smile in front of a crowd of people without being self conscious about my teeth and gums. Now, every time I smile, I’m truly grateful for Dr. Harper, his staff, and his “big picture outlook”. I now look forward to going to the dentist and love my new smile. His staff is knowledgeable about my case, friendly, and always helpful. Dr. Harper and his staff create a team effort and I’m privileged to have them looking out for my dental care and, to be able to call him a friend and smile as I say it. Thanks Team – five star rating in my book.”


“Dr. Harper is an outstanding dentist. He is kind, caring, competent, professional, and extremely knowledgeable- the very best! I have increased confidence in myself. I smile more at people and for photos. I truly believe it helped me get my latest teaching job- thanks!”


“For many years I was very self-conscious about my teeth and I felt that they held me back. My teeth were slightly discolored (probably due to medications that I took as a child) and they were far too small for my mouth and face. I saw pictures of the smiles that Dr. Harper improved in his waiting room (more like a lounge, if you ask me!) and I started to explore the idea of having my smile improved through cosmetic dentistry. I met with Dr. Harper and let him do some mock-ups and designs for me a couple years ago but I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. Dr. Harper and his team are always very patient and kind and they did not pressure me to do anything I wasn’t ready to do.

Once I got engaged I went to Dr. Harper and told him I was ready to fix my smile! I wanted to have my new and improved smile in my wedding photos (If you are going to invest that much money in pictures you might as well have the most beautiful smile possible in them!). Dr. Harper and his team were able to jump right in to get me on the path to having my wedding day smile ready before my wedding. Dr. Harper and his team were very good at explaining each step of the process to me and answering any questions that I had. Although the entire process is time consuming Dr. Harper and his team always did their best to make the process non-intrusive on my day-to-day life. In the process of building my new smile Dr. Harper was also able to improve the functionality of my teeth by eliminating some bite issues that I had been having (because, you know, your teeth are not just there for show!). It is clear that this team is very detailed and they truly want to provide you with the best smile that will not only look beautiful but also be healthy and functional. On my wedding day I was proud to show off my new smile and I loved the pictures that our photographer took! The team at Harper Dental Care was a very large part in helping me to be able to look at my wedding pictures and see the photogenic girl that everyone else saw that day.”


“Over time, I wore my teeth down to a state where redress was needed and could no longer be ignored. Dr. Harper developed a treatment plan that would not only optimally restore and benefit my dental health and appearance but he created a phased approach I could implement in stages as finances permitted. I had a minor procedure to slightly reshape the gum line to improve the symmetry on my upper front teeth. I’m very glad I had that accomplished as that small step really made a big difference in the ultimate outcome. In the year that followed, I had several crowns to repair/restore upper molars and finally, veneers placed on the top front 6 teeth.
I was a little apprehensive going into treatment as I’d seen before and after photos of movie and TV celebrities whose veneers didn’t look natural, moreover the top teeth appeared to have a more pronounced overbite after they received the veneers. Dr Harper was very receptive to my concerns and allayed them with the assurance that the quality of the veneers would be such that the addition would not be noticeable. He was absolutely right and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! In fact, my teeth look better than they did originally and certainly better than any I have seen on any celebrity! My teeth look completely natural- the only people that know they are veneers are my close family.

The adage of not getting a second chance to make a first impression is very true. I meet with new people (senior ranking government officials and vendor representatives) almost daily representing my supervisor who is a Brigadier General, so appearance and presentation are very important. My smile is the first thing to greet them and last thing they see before they depart which helps set a positive tone for the session and conclude on a high note. I also have to have my picture posted in the building foyer and on organizational websites which can be viewed worldwide so having a more attractive smile makes for a much more appealing photo. I frequently receive compliments on my smile, in fact it was mentioned when I left my last job as it cheered someone up to see it so consistently. I think having an attractive smile gives people the impression I’m a kind, friendly, approachable person and I sincerely aim to live up to that first impression with everyone I meet and interact with.

Reclaiming my smile has helped me reclaim part of my appearance and repair what I lost over time. Taking control of my dental health and engaging the expertise and assistance of someone so capable like Dr. Harper, who produced such a fantastic result, has encouraged me to also take steps to improve other areas of my physical health and appearance. Certainly my improved smile makes me feel better about myself which helps in all areas of my life. Consistently maintaining better habits taking care of my teeth has helped me adopt better habits and be more self-disciplined in other areas of health and well-being.”


“I was out boating over the weekend and an accident occurred which caused me to break my two front teeth. With this happening 4 weeks before my wedding I was panicked to not only have my teeth fixed quickly but also restored to their natural esthetics. Since Dr. Harper was not in town when this happened, the on-call dentist was able to temporarily fill my teeth. Upon Dr. Harper’s return that following week, he promptly saw me in the office to evaluate the trauma himself. Dr. Harper and his assistant spent a lot of time gathering information about my smile to ensure that my teeth would look identical to how they did prior to the accident. He used both intra-oral and extra-oral pictures and radiographs to plan the size and shape of the fillings. Dr. Harper was gracious in the time and detail he dedicated to my treatment. I was so grateful to Dr. Harper and his staff for taking such great care of me and allowing me to have a beautiful smile on my wedding day!”


I had a dental emergency (broken front teeth from a jogging fall), and a high profile professional commitment in a short time. Dr. Harper and associates worked a miracle to restore my smile with courtesy, compassion, and fantastic results. He is an artist! I am thrilled with the way my smile looks! It is better than before the accident. All of my friends and family are highly complimentary.

The care, thought and execution of restoring not only my smile, but the entire alignment of my jaw, was impressive and resulted in a wonderful looking and feeling restoration. Thank you Harper Dental team for a job well done!   And thank you for working with a demanding (on my part) schedule!