Single Tooth Dental Implants Hampton Roads, VA

A single tooth restored with an implant consists of an implant “body”, a crown, and an abutment that connects the crown to the implant. Each aspect of the implant is carefully designed and fabricated to the patient’s specific measurements. Our Newport News, VA dental implant team, utilizes high-quality dental labs and digital technology for a precise fit and lasting results.

The Single Tooth Implant

  • The Dental Crown
    The dental crown is the piece of the implant system that looks like a natural tooth. The dental crown is custom designed and fabricated to blend in with your adjacent teeth for an aesthetic-looking smile. Dr. Harper maintains professional relationships with the individual ceramist creating the crown and the people in charge at the dental lab to ensure patients receive a proper fit, durable dental crown.
  • The Abutment
    There are many different versions of an abutment. There are screw-retained, cement-retained, stock, and custom abutments. In our Newport News dentist office, our dental implant team almost always provides custom abutments for optimal results. Custom abutments provide lasting results.
  • The Dental Implant
    The dental implant is a small screw structure made from biocompatible titanium. The implant post is surgically implanted into the jawbone in replacement of the missing root structure. The implant is designed to fuse with the jawbone helping to support the alignment of the bite.

dental implant procedure diagram

In-House Dental Implant Services

Dr. Harper ensures a seamless dental implant procedure. First Light Dental of Coastal Virginia provides full-service, in-house dental implant treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of our patients. In most cases, patients enjoy the convenience of completing their implant treatment from the comfort of our Newport News, VA dentist’s office without the need for additional specialists.

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