“I was out boating over the weekend and an accident occurred which caused me to break my two front teeth. With this happening 4 weeks before my wedding I was panicked to not only have my teeth fixed quickly but also restored to their natural esthetics. Since Dr. Harper was not in town when this happened, the on-call dentist was able to temporarily fill my teeth. Upon Dr. Harper’s return that following week, he promptly saw me in the office to evaluate the trauma himself. Dr. Harper and his assistant spent a lot of time gathering information about my smile to ensure that my teeth would look identical to how they did prior to the accident. He used both intra-oral and extra-oral pictures and radiographs to plan the size and shape of the fillings. Dr. Harper was gracious in the time and detail he dedicated to my treatment. I was so grateful to Dr. Harper and his staff for taking such great care of me and allowing me to have a beautiful smile on my wedding day!”