“Over time, I wore my teeth down to a state where redress was needed and could no longer be ignored. Dr. Harper developed a treatment plan that would not only optimally restore and benefit my dental health and appearance but he created a phased approach I could implement in stages as finances permitted. I had a minor procedure to slightly reshape the gum line to improve the symmetry on my upper front teeth. I’m very glad I had that accomplished as that small step really made a big difference in the ultimate outcome. In the year that followed, I had several crowns to repair/restore upper molars and finally, veneers placed on the top front 6 teeth.
I was a little apprehensive going into treatment as I’d seen before and after photos of movie and TV celebrities whose veneers didn’t look natural, moreover the top teeth appeared to have a more pronounced overbite after they received the veneers. Dr Harper was very receptive to my concerns and allayed them with the assurance that the quality of the veneers would be such that the addition would not be noticeable. He was absolutely right and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! In fact, my teeth look better than they did originally and certainly better than any I have seen on any celebrity! My teeth look completely natural- the only people that know they are veneers are my close family.

The adage of not getting a second chance to make a first impression is very true. I meet with new people (senior ranking government officials and vendor representatives) almost daily representing my supervisor who is a Brigadier General, so appearance and presentation are very important. My smile is the first thing to greet them and last thing they see before they depart which helps set a positive tone for the session and conclude on a high note. I also have to have my picture posted in the building foyer and on organizational websites which can be viewed worldwide so having a more attractive smile makes for a much more appealing photo. I frequently receive compliments on my smile, in fact it was mentioned when I left my last job as it cheered someone up to see it so consistently. I think having an attractive smile gives people the impression I’m a kind, friendly, approachable person and I sincerely aim to live up to that first impression with everyone I meet and interact with.

Reclaiming my smile has helped me reclaim part of my appearance and repair what I lost over time. Taking control of my dental health and engaging the expertise and assistance of someone so capable like Dr. Harper, who produced such a fantastic result, has encouraged me to also take steps to improve other areas of my physical health and appearance. Certainly my improved smile makes me feel better about myself which helps in all areas of my life. Consistently maintaining better habits taking care of my teeth has helped me adopt better habits and be more self-disciplined in other areas of health and well-being.”