“For many years I was very self-conscious about my teeth and I felt that they held me back. My teeth were slightly discolored (probably due to medications that I took as a child) and they were far too small for my mouth and face. I saw pictures of the smiles that Dr. Harper improved in his waiting room (more like a lounge, if you ask me!) and I started to explore the idea of having my smile improved through cosmetic dentistry. I met with Dr. Harper and let him do some mock-ups and designs for me a couple years ago but I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. Dr. Harper and his team are always very patient and kind and they did not pressure me to do anything I wasn’t ready to do.

Once I got engaged I went to Dr. Harper and told him I was ready to fix my smile! I wanted to have my new and improved smile in my wedding photos (If you are going to invest that much money in pictures you might as well have the most beautiful smile possible in them!). Dr. Harper and his team were able to jump right in to get me on the path to having my wedding day smile ready before my wedding. Dr. Harper and his team were very good at explaining each step of the process to me and answering any questions that I had. Although the entire process is time consuming Dr. Harper and his team always did their best to make the process non-intrusive on my day-to-day life. In the process of building my new smile Dr. Harper was also able to improve the functionality of my teeth by eliminating some bite issues that I had been having (because, you know, your teeth are not just there for show!). It is clear that this team is very detailed and they truly want to provide you with the best smile that will not only look beautiful but also be healthy and functional. On my wedding day I was proud to show off my new smile and I loved the pictures that our photographer took! The team at Harper Dental Care was a very large part in helping me to be able to look at my wedding pictures and see the photogenic girl that everyone else saw that day.”