From Dr. William Harper, DDS: Father’s Day Celebration 2013 | Hampton Roads, VA

How was your Father’s Day? Mine was a very special and memorable day. Actually, my Father’s Day was a few days. My wife, children, and I travelled to Alabama to visit my brother and his family, and celebrate my nephew’s first birthday and baptism. My 2 other brothers flew into Alabama for the weekend and commemorated the wonderful milestones with a Huntsville Stars baseball game.

The Stars are the AA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. Since my nephew is not quite ready to throw 60 feet (though he shows a lot of promise), my son stepped in and threw out the first pitch. While at the game, The Stars organization took multiple opportunities to honor military veterans and their families.

While observing and participating in these events, it occurred to me that they were serving as a fitting tribute to our own late father and family. My father attended the Naval Academy where he played football and upon graduation, served as a naval officer. His best man and best friend, and fellow Naval Academy alumnus, was in town to celebrate with us.

My multiple blessings were evident in my family, my children, and my nephew. I could see the examples of hard work, love, perseverance, and respect that my father taught us through each of these loved ones gathered together on this special day. And it was almost like he was there celebrating with us.

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