Military Families Can Find a Home at Harper Dental Care

Being a dentist so close to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA, we see many military families. More than most dentists, Dr. William Harper is in tune with the unique needs and challenges these families face.

Dr. Harper’s father was a US Navy Officer and his brother is currently serving in the US Army. Before opening his Poquoson dental office, Dr. Harper served with the US Armed Forces, US Navy as a dentist with the Navy in Jacksonville, FL and later with the Marine Corp at Cherry Point, NC.

At Harper Dental Care, we bring military families a level of care and service that can be hard to find with other dentists.

We Make Going to the Dentist Easy

As the son of a Naval Officer, Dr. Harper was constantly on the move. With each move, came the hunt for a new school, doctor, dentist and much more. Military families don’t always have the luxury of time to find the “right fit”.

Harper Dental Care is a family dentist office in Poquoson, VA. Our goal is to make it easy for busy families and working professionals to get the care they need without the stress and hassle. Here’s how we do it:

Convenient Location

Dr. Harper’s dental office is located less than five miles from Langley Air Force Base in Poquoson, VA. Our office has easy access from Wythe Creek Road and plenty of parking.

Acceptance of All Dental Insurance

Dr. Harper accepts nearly all dental insurance plans. Our staff will handle all of the necessary paperwork and billing so that you receive direct reimbursement. Most patients tell us that they receive a check from the dental insurance company within three weeks.

Between the time spent in the military and working with families in Hampton Roads, VA, Dr. Harper knows well what is covered by military benefits. Unfortunately, the standard of care they provide is inadequate for most families. As a non-participating provider, Dr. Harper can give you a higher standard of care while allowing you to receive your benefits.

In some cases, treatment may cost more than at other dental offices, but our patients tell us that it is worth it for the experience they receive.

Patient-Focused Dentistry

At Harper Dental Care, our dentistry is a collaborative process. You are always in control of how to move forward in your treatment. Dr. Harper will take the time to listen to your needs and goals. He will create a personalized treatment plan that will get you where you want to be with long lasting, natural-looking results.

Family Dental Office

Dr. Harper is one of the few dentists in Poquoson who will treat children as well as adults. Our staff is highly trained and experienced working with kids so that they feel comfortable in our office. For adults, Dr. Harper offers a full range of treatment options from preventive care and general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative procedures like dental implants and TMJ Therapy.

Find a Dentist You Can Trust

Plenty of dentists in Hampton Roads market to military families, but few truly understand what it means to cater towards these patients. Come to the dentist who has the personal and professional experience.

Sign up online or call 757.243.1960 for an appointment with Hampton Roads dentist William Harper, DDS.