Technology offers many benefits for dental patients.| Dr. William Harper, DDS

Modern dentistry has made large strides in recent years, especially in the incorporation of technology that offers benefits for both the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Harper, a family dentist in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, has brought some of the latest in dental technology to his Poquoson dental office.

With the use of cutting edge digital technology, Dr. Harper can offer his patients more accurate diagnoses and treatment that is less invasive, more comfortable and expedient. Dr. Harper uses digital x-rays to produce crystal clear, digital images that can be used immediately for evaluation of a patient’s dental health and potential problems. Digital x-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure for patients and the images created with each x-ray can be stored in a patient’s permanent dental record for future use and reference.

Dr. Harper uses an intra-oral camera to take additional images of all surfaces in the mouth and to screen for any signs of oral cancer. This tiny device fits comfortably inside the mouth and painlessly produces digital images that can detect possible problems in their earliest phases- when conservative treatment is most effective. These two technologies, when combined, can give Dr. Harper a clear overall picture of a patient’s entire occlusal system for better analysis and diagnosis and can be shared with other specialists if the need arises.

Laser dentistry is used by Dr. Harper for restorative and cosmetic procedures on soft tissues in the mouth. With the use of a dental laser, Dr. Harper is able to make accurate, pinpoint incisions and provide gum treatments with greatly reduced bleeding, swelling and recovery time. Patients often do not need the aid of anesthesia for a procedure and can return to normal activity much faster! The high amount of energy produced by the laser beam is effective in killing bacteria, making it a safer way to treat patients.

Technology can offer dental patients a much more pleasant experience, allowing dentists to offer treatments that are more comfortable, accurate and can deliver long lasting results. For those who experience dental anxiety, these technologies can help them feel more relaxed and confident about a dental procedure, making it easier to maintain optimal oral health!

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