Dental Technology For Improved Dental Care

465217799Technology has allowed for vast improvement in dentistry technique, materials and accurate diagnosis. In recent years, dentistry has progressed drastically. Improving everything from aesthetics to durability, it can help save time, money and resources. technology has allowed cosmetic and restorative dentistry to gain in popularity and effectiveness.

Hampton Roads, VA dentist Dr. William Harper has dedicated his practice to continuing his education in order to offer his patients not just the latest in dental technology, but skillful and quality applications for the best possible results.

Our Poquoson, VA dentist office utilizes the most modern of dental technologies. We believe that these technologies are allowing us to diagnose dental concerns earlier and more accurately, allowing for conservative and comprehensive oral treatments.

Dental Technology Poquoson, VA

  • Logicon: This computer diagnostic tool allows Dr. Harper to visually analyze digital images of your teeth and gums to find early signs of tooth decay in between teeth. Dr. Harper will share your Logicon analysis with you so you can see how decay is causing damage to your teeth. By understanding the exact location and severity of tooth decay, our dental care team can offer more conservative dental treatments for your benefit.
  • Digital smile design: Have you ever wondered what your smile would like if your teeth were straighter, more consistently shaped, or without that gap? Digital smile design uses photography to analyse and form a model of your smile. Dr. Harper can use this to determine what cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures will achieve your smile makeover goals while allowing you to enjoy your optimal oral health.
  • Biolase diode laser and nv diode laser: Laser dentistry has changed the gum reconstruction process. Once an invasive surgery that took weeks to heal, gum reshaping is not less painful and requires less downtime. Diode lasers allow Dr.Harper to reshape your gums without invasive surgery.

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These are just a few innovative dental technologies used at our Poquoson, VA Dentist office. Check out our full list of state of the art dental technology to see how Dr. Harper provides modern and quality dentistry to all of his patients.

To find out what cosmetic or restorative dental procedures are right for your smile, contact our Hampton Roads dentist office or schedule a visit online.