Implants For Lifelong Smiles

ThinkstockPhotos-186042148If you are missing one tooth, or multiple teeth, you may know that missing teeth creates more problems than just a displeasing esthetic gap in your smile. Missing teeth also leave gaps in the support structure of your jaw bone. These gaps may weaken the bone structure of your mouth, leading to potential changes in the actual esthetics of your facial structure. Missing teeth also make it difficult to eat, speak and live a productive life.

Highly trained and qualified dentist Dr. William Harper offers dental implants at his Hampton Roads dentist office. Find out why dental implants may be the most successful and highly recommended missing tooth replacement.

When looking for a tooth replacement, you will want to consider your budget, and your long term dental goals. There are many options for tooth replacement on the market. No treatment is right for everyone. Dr. Harper can help you understand what restorative dental treatment is right for your long lasting oral health.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are designed to last for a lifetime. Implants offer a permanent and functional tooth replacement option.

Dr. Harper will secure titanium anchors in your jaw. These anchors mimic the support structure that your natural tooth roots once offered. Dental implants help to maintain the “infrastructure” of your jaw line.

Once healed and integrated with the bone, the dental implant will be covered with a dental crown. Dr. Harper uses the latest in dental restoration materials in order to fabricate the most natural looking dental crowns. Once the crown is attached, your implant will operate like a natural and functional tooth.

Dental implants require no more care than your normal teeth. Regular visits to our Poquoson dentist office and routine oral hygiene like brushing and flossing are essential in maintaining your implants for a lifetime.

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Every restorative dentistry case is treated on an individualized basis. Dr. Harper will take the time to listen to all of your dental health concerns and to understand your personal cosmetic and restorative dental goals. After your comprehensive oral exam Dr. Harper will help you build the restorative dental treatment plan that is right for you.