Solutions for Complex Problems Hampton Roads, VA

Most people and dentists don’t realize that small dental problems can actually be early warnings of bigger problems and bigger future costs.

Over many years, we have seen the damage that can be caused by avoiding treatment simply because “it ain’t broke”. While conservative dentistry is a major part of our practice, we also believe in recognizing and addressing issues before they get worse. We also recognize that we are planning for today and for a lifetime of health. We prefer inexpensive prevention rather than expensive reaction. But sometimes the problems are there…..and we know how to fix them.

“Dr Harper is always up on the latest techniques and procedures which is very comforting especially if you are going in for more than just a simple routine teeth cleaning.” B.H. Read more reviews

TMJ Treatment

Joint health is a major part of overall health, and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is no exception. Our extensive TMJ evaluation and conservative treatments have helped countless people regain comfort and stop headaches that had been affecting their everyday life. Learn More

Orthodontic Alignment Problems

There is no question that orthodontics is a great service, but long-term success will be negatively affected if a comprehensive dentist like Dr. Harper is not consulted. Our experience in observing generations of patients with and without orthodontic treatment has helped us gain a tremendous understanding of how and when orthodontic treatment is necessary. We have witnessed so many people that have post-orthodontic problems, that we have a solid appreciation for properly planned orthodontics and proper completion of treatment.

Worn or Broken Teeth

On a daily basis, we create treatment plans to address years of tooth wear and tear that have impacted a smile. Numerous studies have proven that the eyes and smile are the most noticed features on an individual, and also show aging the fastest. If teeth are as white and intact (same size and shape) as they were in previous years, then the smile will not age the face. All too often, however, darker teeth combined with a loss of tooth length and more lip drape combine to create an older look. Learn More

Tooth Size

These situations must be carefully evaluated and treated by the right professional, or the results will look and feel very unnatural. Tooth size is often a problem when teeth do not develop in proper proportions to the face and mouth. The exact nature /discrepancy is not always clear and must be carefully investigated. While cases like these are some of the most rewarding and lead to the best results, they are also among the most incorrectly treated cases. Learn More

Poor fitting dentures

“All on Four” is the best solution and alternative for a traditional denture. This procedure is frequently requested by Dr. Harper’s patients and is a solution for being edentulous (toothless). It provides a benefit that traditional dentures have never been able to deliver – immediate use with substantially increased quality of life. This is accomplished through a bridge that is held solidly in place by four or more dental implants (the “All-on-Four” Procedure). Implants help to provide comfort and security a patient is likely to be missing with removable dentures, but just as important is the preservation of the jawbone. In addition to receiving a fully customized set of replacement teeth in just one day, another tremendous benefit afforded by the “All-on-Four” procedure is its ability to avoid denture problems such as poor fit and subsequent diet concerns. Learn More

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth lead to cracking, shifting, and pain for the remaining teeth. This can have a much greater impact on long-term dental health than people realize. Even one missing tooth can create a major shift in chewing forces and patterns, resulting in greater damaging forces on remaining teeth. It is best to restore balanced chewing forces as quickly as possible and prevent shifting of other teeth and damage to other teeth. Learn More

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

As a highly trained restorative dentist, Dr. Harper has treated many complex cases that are caused by clenching and grinding. Therefore, Dr. Harper is very careful to evaluate and address early signs of this extremely dangerous but often “silent” habit. Many seemingly innocent bite problems can lead to both appearance, functional, and comfort issues for the teeth. As enamel is worn from grinding and clenching, it removes many or all of the jaw/muscle/tooth harmonies that protect from major damage. Without these protective influences, more enamel loss is experienced, further affecting and changing the jaw/muscle/tooth harmonies even more. This cycle continues and cascades into major issues over the years. Learn More

Sleep Apnea

As a highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr. Harper has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the soft tissues in your mouth. Sleep apnea is often caused by a collapse of the soft tissue at the back of the throat, blocking the airway and leading to a brief cessation of breathing. Interrupted by snoring and gasping, sleep apnea affects your overall health and well-being and can interrupt your partner’s sleep nightly. Dr. Harper provides a comfortable and convenient alternative to the CPAP known as oral appliance therapy. Learn More.