Restorative Dentistry with Dr. Harper Can Help Restore Function of Teeth

Taking care of the teeth is an absolute necessity. While preventive care at the dentist office is vital for preventing any serious dental concerns, restorative dentistry is the type of dentistry used when dental problems do occur. Dr. Harper is a restorative dentist in Newport News, Virginia. Dr. Harper focuses primarily on preventing and restoring to make sure that the teeth are healthy. With restorative dentistry, the main focus is to restore the health and function of the teeth so that they work properly and also look good. Many incidents can happen to the teeth. The teeth can be worn down, break, or even fall out. As a local dentist in Newport News, Virginia area, Dr. Harper offers different treatment options to restore the teeth and gum. Whenever you need restoration for your teeth, you must find a restorative dentist in Newport News, Virginia who is willing to go above and beyond to make things better. Dr. Harper is that type of dentist who will work with you the entire time.

Before restoring the teeth, Dr. Harper evaluates the teeth at his dentist office in Newport News, Virginia. The evaluation of teeth includes x-rays, screenings, and a private consultation between you and Dr. Harper. After the evaluation is completed, Dr. Harper discusses the restoration options that are best for you. There are many treatment options that Dr. Harper may bring to your attention. These treatment options include dental implants, dental crowns, and dentures. The dental implants are specifically ideal if you have a missing tooth. The implant is made using only the most durable material to match accordingly with your other teeth. It is a great solution for a missing tooth because it prevents exposure of the gums while restoring your smile back to normal. The dental crowns are best for teeth that are not necessarily missing just yet. The crown restores teeth that have cracks and damage. It can make the tooth strong again. Dentures are ideal for people with lots of missing teeth, damage, and decay. The best treatment for you will ultimately depend on your teeth and gums.