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“Dr. Harper and his staff are great! I feel the dental technology utilized in their office is second to none. I’m confident I’m getting the best dental care. More importantly, however, they know who I am. I would highly recommend Harper Dental Care to anyone.” T. G Read more reviews.

Digital smile design

486711103Using pictures of your face, smile, and teeth, we can evaluate, visualize and determine the best options to help you achieve your goals. We have used this proven method for so many years that it has become second nature to us. We also use this information to discuss our goals with our master ceramists so that we can work with them to create the best result that fits YOU.


Biolase diode laser and NV diode laser

154203434Gum reshaping is an absolutely vital part of a healthy, great-looking smile, and unfortunately is greatly underutilized by the dental community. Our extensive experience with our diode lasers has enabled us to conservatively reshape gums and enjoy rapid healing times, and in most cases painlessly. We are often asked to correct work from other dentists using our diode lasers.



T-Scan-USB-Sensor-Support_0Have you experienced broken teeth, worn teeth, broken crowns or bridges, or do you suffer from headaches? Then you absolutely need to have your bite analyzed with the T-Scan!

The T-Scan System is used to analyze your bite by measuring, analyzing and recording relative biting forces over time. We have had great success in helping to establish safe, balanced bites that help prevent or stop teeth wear and breaking, broken or damaged crowns and bridges, and help prevent headaches related to grinding. The T-Scan system is so valuable that it is used by NASA to test pressures in space.


495780253Typically, you would find a Biostar only in large dental labs, but we have one in our office! Our Biostar allows us to make custom bite appliances and whitening trays within 24 hours. Our patients enjoy the option to start whitening their teeth immediately, or to get rid of their TMJ pain quickly! Our Biostar uses positive pressure while simultaneously creating a vacuum to form thermoplastic material onto a patient’s model.


Kodak digital imagery/Radiography

465217799Our digital image systems need 90% less radiation exposure than traditional film systems. In fact, you will get more radiation from flying on a plane than from one of our digital images! Our image system helps us provide you with the most efficient care possible, since each film takes seconds to process and can be transmitted to specialists in a matter of seconds for discussion with Dr. Harper. We have had great success showing patients their own images, on a 22 inch monitor that is positioned specifically for patient viewing, so that they can clearly see the condition of their own teeth, and understand their options.

Digital Photography and Videography

507651243Using digital photography and videography is an absolute requirement before any cosmetic changes can be made to the mouth! Capturing the unique quality of a patient’s speech and “everyday” smile are vitally important to proper evaluation and planning. We use this information to help determine what is possible for natural appearance and speech.



178552819Logicon is a powerful computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) tool that we use to visually analyze images and helps to evaluate decay in between teeth. We use a database of histologically validated decay cases to help us determine whether or not tooth decay is present in your image and whether restoration is needed. We are able to show our patients their Logicon analysis, so that they can clearly see their loss of tooth structure / decay and understand the process to restoring health. Logicon is a great tool in support of our conservative philosophy.


Dental implants

480753457Dental implants are not new, but knowledge in dental implants is constantly changing. Dr. Harper is a member of the exclusive Advanced Dental Implant Study Club. Led by international expert Dr. Bob Faulkner, the members of the study club are experts from around the world. Dental implants are predictable only when properly planned. As the use of implants becomes more popular, Dr. Harper continues to find ways to increase their success.



isolite-imageUsing an innovative combination of light, a soft resting platform for your jaws, and multi-ported evacuation, the Isolite provides greater comfort for our patients as we work on their teeth. It is not uncommon for our patients to specifically request the Isolite. Many people are so comfortable that they fall asleep during their visit to our office.