Renew Your Smile Hampton Roads, VA

“I had a dental emergency (broken front teeth from a jogging fall), and a high profile professional commitment in a short time. Dr. Harper and associates worked a miracle to restore my smile with courtesy, compassion, and fantastic results. He is an artist!” – R.M.
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We know natural esthetics

hampton roads cosmetic dentistWhile many dentists choose to “dabble” in a little bit of everything (root canals, extractions, etc), Dr. William Harper has chosen instead to focus and lead the way in natural esthetics through modern solutions. He has spent most of his career correcting artificial-looking quick fixes that have led to much larger, more expensive problems. He doesn’t believe that “dabbling” in advanced dentistry is good for your smile…..your smile deserves the best. See Dr. Harper’s work.

We use a proven system

Our proven system includes a proper evaluation, discussion, and plan that will meet your goals. We utilize pictures, including those of your teeth and pictures of similar cases that Dr. Harper has treated, to show you the possibilities. We use Digital Smile Design to develop a Facially Generated Treatment Plan so we can be sure that your smile will uniquely complement you. We have the technology to discuss our plan with our AACD-accredited ceramist, who is one of the best in the world. And all this happens before we start any treatment. This process has provided our patients with years of predictable results.

Do you feel this way?

The 10 most common reasons given by individuals who ask Dr. Harper for help with their smile:
1. My old crowns or veneers don’t look natural
2. My teeth make me look older than I feel.
3. I am a much happier person than my teeth, my smile, or my mouth suggests.
4. My teeth looked bad, dark, or missing in a recent family, holiday, or vacation photo.
5. I need a better smile for a job interview / promotion / website picture / resume picture
6. My smile is not as good as it used to be, and I’m not sure why.
7. My son or daughter is getting married soon.
8. I am getting married soon.
9. I want to teach, lead, or present in front of groups, and I need my smile to convey the right message.
10. My smile makes me look like I am unhealthy, but I take pride in my health and fitness.

We have the solutions to renew your smile

1. Invisalign: to correct teeth that are crowded or have moved after braces were finished
2. Dental implants: a natural looking replacement for one or more missing teeth or to hold dentures securely in place for a worry-free smile
3. Porcelain veneers: to reshape or add length back to worn teeth
4. Dental Crowns: to strengthen damaged teeth (there is no metal in the porcelain crown, so you won’t have the black line around the edge)
5. Teeth Whitening: we have the ability to make perfectly fitted custom trays, and our method can whiten teeth better and faster than any other method, and is more cost-effective. We also have many ways to offset sensitivity that so many patients experience with other whitening methods.
6. Teeth in a Day / All on 4: these treatments need to be planned very carefully. Dr. Harper has the experience, and an experienced team, that is necessary for success. While this solution is popular, it must be carefully planned and sequenced for the best success.

Want to know more?

We want you to know more to, because the more you know, the more we can help you achieve your goals !

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